You can make a difference in the life of a child.

Founded in 2012, the program is specifically designed to reach children at-risk for sexual exploitation and HIV on the Kenyan Coast.

Our one-to-one sponsorship model, enables each sponsor to contribute directly to a child of their choosing and to maintain a relationship with them through letters and other coorespondence. Your sponsorship of $40/month will provide your child with the opportunity of a lifetime. You can be confident that your donation goes directly to the child you select through Retouch. Throughout the year, sponsors receive letters, grade reports and other correspondence from their child. On occasion, sponsors are invited to join us in site visits to meet their child and family!

Want to create long-term change in an impoverished community? You can now choose a "share" of a classroom for $20/month. Instead of sponsoring one specific child, you will be taking care of a whole class. Your sponsorship will be paired with others who also want to help this classroom.  Together, you will provide everything the kids need to go to school: backpacks, shoes, uniforms, meals and textbooks. You will receive different updates throughout the year such as how the class is doing, a letter from a child in that class, updates from the teacher and news from the school.

To read more about our children, their communities, and the different sponosrship options, please click on the pictures below.

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