Sponsor Third Grade!

Places Birikani, Kenya

This year, we are offering a way to make an impact in multiple lives at the same time! Our new school in Birikani is in great need of funding and we are looking for people who want to make an investment that creates long-term change in a community.  Instead of our traditional one-to-one sponsorship, we've split each of the new classes into "Shares".  Sponsors can add as few, or as many as you would like. Instead of sponsoring one specific child, you will be taking care of a whole class!  You will receive different updates throughout the year such as how the class is doing, a letter from a child in that class, updates from the teacher and news from the school.  Your sponsorship will be paired with others who also want to help this class.  Together, you will provide everything the kids need to go to school: backpacks, shoes, uniforms, meals and textbooks. We are excited to offer this new option as a way to grow our sponsorship program!

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